Hiring a freelance copywriter gives you plenty of scope — you may want to revamp your online content, apply for an industry award, tender for a project, create a proposal for funding, or get involved in a conversation about a hot topic in your field. For a snapshot of writing I've produced, visit my portfolio for links to work, and comments from clients.

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You may require White Papers — outlining complex issues and presenting your response — or Synthesis Reports — reading academic or technical information and producing short, snappy summaries which are accessible and clear. You can read some examples of synthesis work I've done for the International Development Department at Birmingham University here.

Perhaps you're looking for a more engaging or journalistic style to your company blog, or would like to write some articles around social interest or lifestyle issues, to grab your audience. Take a look at my example summaries of popular behavioural management books here.

It may be that you simply need your current copy refreshing, tidying up or amplifying. I've included some testimonials from organisations I've helped in the past, so you can be confident about the level of professionalism, flexibility and expertise I'll bring to your project.

As a writer she is concise yet imaginative. She can delicately edit or summarise a document without skewing the meaning or knocking the life out of it. Isabel is a very personable, conscientious professional who can cope with ridiculous deadlines and still be relied upon to deliver quality work.
— Zoë Scott, Senior Consultant at OPM

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