Example Synthesis Reports

My work for the University of Birmingham was to make research accessible and digestible to a wide range of government agencies and non-governmental partners — the links here are a few examples of my reports.

Birmingham University's International Development Department host a cutting edge research and knowledge management centre, GSDRC.

Specialising in research on governance, social development, humanitarian response and conflict, the GSDRC produces rapid response research on these questions, posting 100+ reports online every year for the benefit of donor agencies and policymakers.

The Brief

  • Read each piece of research in full, and then summarise it, clarifying key ideas, themes, and policy implications, using clear and concise language
  • Explaining technical definitions and eliminating jargon or in-house idioms is critical, as was completing each assignment within a short timeline
  • Another important factor for the GSDRC is that their audience is international (often English will be the reader’s second language)
I have worked with Isabel at three different organisations, spanning almost twenty years. In each organisation I have used her services as a writer and editor. This has included proposal drafting, summarising complex academic texts and global policy documents, providing grammar checks and editing blogposts. On all counts she has been excellent.
— Zoë Scott, Senior Consultant at Oxford Policy Management, International Development Consultancy
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